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One of the main fields of activity of the Vortex 2000 Kft. is to manufacture and install light and medium-heavy individual steel structures.

In order to provide for our customers the more complete services, the Vortex 2000 Kft. undertakes both as contractor and sub-contractor to design and complete the steel structures. Since our company's basic philosophy is to try to render high-standard services to our customers, we undertake - taking into consideration the transport possibilities - to deliver, to organize delivery of the steel structure units as well as other organization activities required in respect to the completion of works.

Our activities include first of all the completion of steel structures for industrial and public buildings of steel support structure (manufacturing halls, stores, etc.), as well as smaller and larger buildings of reinforced concrete or masonry buildings containing steel structures, including the steel support structures, as well as the additional light building structures (shells, covers, frameworks, etc.) and metalworks.

Our steel structure manufacturing section plays an important part also during the cooperation with the other two main sections, supplementing them or working independently in the construction activity. This means an advantage in case of general contracting works.

In the high-standard activity of our company also the first-class delivery partners providing for materials required for steel and aluminium structure manufacturing are playing a great part, such as: Thyssen Ferroglobus Rt., Thyssen Hoesch, TRIMO H. Kft., Trapézker Kft., Alukönigstahl Kft., Alcoa-Europa Kft., Lattmann Üveg Kft., Hoszig Kft., Alba Glas Kft., Reynaers Aluminium N.V., etc.

Steel structure manufacturing

The manufacturing of steel structures (together with the production of the aluminium structures) is carried out in the works hall of 2500 m2 located in our premises, having two naves equipped with cranes. In case of certain structures (e.g. long or too heavy ones), or in lack of capacity of our own plant we perform our manufacturing activity involving sub-contracting companies. This applies also to some surface preparation and surface treatment processes, such as grain spraying, hot-dip galvanizing or powder-spraying. For the completion of the above works well-working partnership with companies and sub-contractors are available established during several years.

Design works

Our company performs its activity first of all on the basis of complete working drawings, supplementing them by the production drawings and intersection approval drawings prepared by us. The above drawings are prepared by means of designing program. In certain cases, e.g. in lack of submitted drawings, furthermore in case of general contracting including design works we employ outside designers.

Spheres of activity

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