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In the high-quality activity of the firm our partners supplying and lending the material are playing also an important role. Outstanding lending partners in the field of the reinforce concrete construction: Peri Kft., Magyar Doka Zsalutechnika Kft., Hünnebeck Kft.; first-class suppliers for the manufacture of aluminium structures: Alukönigstahl Kft., Alcoa Europa Kft., Lattmann Üveg Kft., Hoszig Kft., Alba Glas Kft., Reynaers Aluminium N. V.

The activity of the Ltd. is contributed to a great extent by the firms supplying auxiliary materials (plastic products, rubber goods, special foams, insulation, additives, etc.), providing for the requirements of all the three branches on a high standard. We have a successful cooperation with designing firms, where the good personal relations and the close cooperation make the solution of eventual problems and difficulties arising during the construction works smooth.