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The Vortex Ltd. have been dealing with not only in the construction of reinforced concrete, steel and aluminium structures between 1992 and 2000, but - among others - the manufacture and installation of winter gardens, sale and installation works of doors and windows were also included in the volume of its activity, too. In 2000 from the Vortex Ltd. owned by several proprietors a construction and service Ltd. consisting of three sections named Vortex 2000 Construction and Service Ltd. was established by István Szarvas under his own direction as managing director.

All the three above branches represent the same high quality in the sphere of activity of the construction industry, fulfilling the "dreams" came already to life on paper of the designers and clients in the field of monolithic reinforced concrete construction, steel structure construction and installation as well as of manufacturing of aluminium structures (doors and windows, curtain walls, etc.) and their installation works.